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What's That...What's That...What's That!

My two year old is full on in the "What's that" phase of her life. Even if she knows what it is she will ask, to which I turn it around and ask her what it is and more often then not she proudly responds with the correct answer.

It was cute at first, watching her explore her world and realize she doesn't really know what it is. After the 10000x time of asking "What's that" it kinda gets a little old. I admit that more then once I just shrugged my shoulders and said I don't know because I couldn't answer the question one more time.

As I always say...its called a practice for a reason. We are not always going to get it right.

There is a reason why impatience is a Stress Response.

This is why I teach when we feel our Stress Trigger happening its time to turn inwards and practice a Mindful Moment.

I took this opportunity to practice this with my daughter. Next time we went on a "What's that" spiral I approached it with curiosity instead. I got down on her level and watched as she methodically went around the bathroom (we are in the throws of potty training right now) pointing at each item that caught her eye while she asked "What's that". I began to realize the items she KNEW, she wouldn't repeat the word back but the words that were new to her she would repeat, saying them out loud as a way to register it with her little mind. I was so in awe of watching her mind work.

We take for granted that as adults we mostly know all the words to things. Another practice of Mindfulness is Beginners Mind. This is exactly the opportunity I took her with my daughter. ALL words are knew to her! EVERYTHING is new to her.

Think about your favorite movie. Do you ever wish you could go back and watch it and experience it again for the FIRST time. Its often those moments we don't realize how special they are until after the fact.

I share this story as a reminder for the workplace. Remember that the environment, work, tasks, people were all new to you once as well. Have patience with new colleagues and trainings. Often, new hires have just as much to teach as we have to teach them. They can see things through a shiny new lens...sometimes they can see things that those who have been there for a while can not because they are so in their routine. On the flip side, new hires...listen and learn from those who have wisdom and experience to teach!

Stay Mindful,


P.s. Drop your favorite movie you wish you could experience for the first time in the comments!

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