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Employee Well-Being Workshops+ Wellness Activations


CEO & Founder
Rosa Castano

After a job position elimination due to the pandemic, Rosa decided to combine her experiences in the workplace with her expertise and passion for well-being. With a career in sales that spans over 15+ years  in both the domestic and international sector, she understands the day to day stressors that the workplace can bring. She specializes in creating workshops that meet people where they are at and leaves them with actionable tools to create change and sustainable well-being practices in the workplace and in their lives.  Rosa has been leading workshops and activations both in person and virtually for companies of all sizes for the past several years and is quickly becoming a well known name amongst HR & People Ops.


Workshops and Activations can be tailored to meet your companies specific goals.

Accessible Workspace

These workshops are designed to be engaging and impactful. They are created to leave the attendees with actionable takeaways they can easily apply to their daily lives.

[Virtual or In-Person]

White Sand and Stone

Beginner Friendly, non-intimidating, office friendly Wellness Activations. 
Yoga, Chair Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness etc.

[Virtual or In-Person]


Looking to build and grow your companies Well-Being Program but unsure where to begin? Let's work together to build a lasting program that employees will feel good about.

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Dwann Wagner, Visit New Orleans

"I have always equated resiliency to endurance in the fight to achieve the desired “goal.” It was truly refreshing to hear someone articulate resilience as being a byproduct of managing your stress in all experiences. With maybe four or five questions, you were able to transform a room of seasoned and successful creators and innovators into conscious conduits of their thoughts, so the proper/thoughtful actions are taken. Your knowledge and how you deliver your message and presentation are valuable beyond estimation." 

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