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About Rosa:

Over the course of her 15+ yrs corporate career, She has worked in all types of settings from small businesses, freshly minted startups, and large, diverse non-profit corporations. She has worked both in the domestic & international sectors. She spent the last five years as a seasoned expert in the Tourism & Hospitality field, leading sales campaigns across the country for two of the largest tourist industries in the Nashville, TN market. Like many others in the space, she was forced to pivot to a new path after the COVID-19 global pandemic put a halt to her career. The shift allowed her to take the time to re-evaluate her career aspirations, landing her with an industry she has long been passionate about: the wellness industry. As a certified Meditation, Mindfulness, and Movement leader, she decided to combine her passion for Well-Being and knowledge of the Corporate world to create Stress Management Workshops. Her unique understanding of the stressors and joys of the workplace makes her an ideal expert for working with companies to help implement strategies and lead workshops to help create resilience and emotional well-being in the workplace.

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