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Well-Being Workshops

My approach to Stress Workshops is down to earth and relatable yet impactful and informative. We all lead busy lives and the tools and conversations around Stress Management need to reflect that. These workshops are designed to be engaging for different learning styles. 

I prefer to have a hands on collaborative approach with the companies I work with, this is not just a rinse and repeat workshop. You know your people and your companies ecosystem the best. I want to engage your mission statement and weave in your core values throughout the Workshop so the company culture can be felt in a positive way.

*Custom Workshops available upon request.


Stress Management & Cultivating Reslience

Designed to help employees recognize in themselves areas of stress and when/where they are feeling overwhelmed. Once employees have that mindful awareness of what their triggers are, we can begin to work on stress management tools that they can feel empowered by. An additional goal of this workshop is to remind and re-engage employees about what they enjoy in the organization and their job and the people they get to impact.


Burnout Prevention

We will go over the signs and symptoms of Burnout and what to look out for. We will go over tools that will allow us to create more balance in our lives so that when we enter into those "busy" seasons we have positive practices to fall back on.


Supporting Working Parents

The focus is to go over work & life stresses and notice how we handle those different situations. Developing awareness and tools to help support healthy boundaries. Parents will walk away with actionable steps on how to implement mindful moments at home and at work.


Goal Setting & Personal Development

A healthy work/life integration is crucial to our happiness and well-being . In this workshop we focus on goal setting and creating actionable plans for both our Work Life & Personal Life.


Mindful Leadership & Company Culture

By fostering engagement and re-humanizing the employee experience, leadership can help everyone feel valued, seen, and heard. This training will show you how to lead with empathy and courage. This will allow you to build a culture that fuels innovation and productivity.

S.T.R.E.S.S Workshop Series

6 Session Workshop

This series can be facilitated in various styles:

- 3 Day Intensive (Two workshops a day)

- 6 Week Series (Once a week)

- 6 Month Series (Once a month)

Prices Vary

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