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"Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility." - Peter Drucker

Have you ever been really good at your job and because of that you get given more responsibility? That responsibility could look like a bigger work load or perhaps a promotion or maybe even both? Perhaps with that promotion you now start having people that report to you. Now, you are doing less of the work that you were so good at and more of managing people...and maybe you are not so good at that? Yet!

I will sound like a broken record here but I will always say just because you are in a position of power does not mean you know how to lead effectively.

Some have a stronger aptitude towards leadership than others inherently but everyone can learn to be a leader. Likewise, being a leader doesn't even necessarily mean that you are in a position of leadership!

Mindful Leadership is a lot of leaning into the basics and releasing the ego. If you are getting a promotion where you will manage others it is OK to ask your company for resources (either paid or free) that they would recommend to best set you up for success in this new role.

Each department functions as its own ecosystem in a larger ecosystem that is the overall company. Within that you can decide (within reason) how you would like the department to run. When you can approach this role on personal and professional level you can see all that it takes to function effectively.

  1. How did you enjoy being treated when you had to report to someone?

  2. What are the values of your department? Both personal and professional.

  3. Can you define KPI's for your department to set them up for success?

  4. Communication is key. Don't be afraid to ask for input from the team.

  5. How is your team motivated?

  6. What are the pain points? Are they solvable?

When you can recognize that you are a steward of this team and that your job is to help everyone succeed, you can see the role through a different lens.

What are your biggest hang ups you experience by being in a leadership role?

What are your biggest pain points with existing leadership?

Stay Mindful,


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