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New Year Workplace Challenges and Goals!

*That are not based around weight loss, because that is not appropriate for the workplace!

January can be hard to get back in the groove of things after that weird limbo time between Christmas and New Years. Having fun work place challenges and goals can be a great way to boost company moral and encourage connection.

Historically companies have had people participate in challenges centered around Weight Loss. I think its safe to say that those kind of challenges aren't the most appropriate for the workplace and sends the wrong message.


Here are a few options that instead encourage focus on Stress Management & Mental Health.

1) Eating Lunch Away From Desk

We can get stuck in a routine or just completely absorbed into our work that we either all out forget to eat lunch or decide to eat lunch at our desk. This can tend to turn into a habit. Encourage everyone to take time to get up and move away from their desk and eat in the lunch room, outside, or wherever they'd like. Just NOT at their desk. Even if its just 15 minutes away it can make a big impact on how we manage our stress throughout the day!

2) Gratitude List

Encourage people to keep a Gratitude List for the duration of the challenge. Each day writing something they are grateful for. It can be around any aspects of their lives. Even if its as simple as gratitude for their cup of coffee that morning! Depending on the size of your company this can be amongst all or amongst teams/departments...There are two options for this challenges. People can keep it to them selves OR they can be shared depending on the comfort level of the work environment. Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD template.

3) Hydration Challenge

Odds are that you yourself and others are not drinking nearly enough water. Sometimes we skip the water all together and go straight to the coffee! Challenge people to Hydrate before they Caffeinate! Can 2-3 more glasses of water per day? (Yes, sparkling water counts!) Be prepared for more restroom breaks! At least it will encourage people to also get up and move away from their desk!

4) Five Minute Meditation

Meditation doesn't have to be a long complicated process! People can meditate anytime and anywhere! Start small with 2-5 minutes! Here is a 5 Minute Workplace Meditation they can use!

5) Mindful Moments

Mindfulness is defined as "The act of paying attention on purpose without judgement." Where can everyone create a mindful moment throughout their day? That can look like sipping on a cup of coffee without distraction or a meeting without phones so everyone is fully present, enjoying lunch without distractions or being fully engaged in conversation etc. Each person can define what their mindful moment each day can be.


Which Challenge are you most likely to try and implement?

  • Eating Lunch Away From Desk

  • Gratitude List

  • Hydration Challenge

  • Five Minute Meditation

Stay Mindful,


If you would like Rosa Castano to come lead a Stress Management Workshop or be a Keynote Speaker at your company or conference, please emails:


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