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National Clean Your Desk Day

Is it just me or does this feel like a very passive aggressive way for Corporate America to tell you to not allow clutter to build up in a public workspace?

I am only kidding...sort of. Honestly though, I like that it comes at the start of the year. A time to start a new and restart and refresh. A time to set goals and pick up good habits and try to break ones that no longer serve us.

I will be the first to admit that I did not always keep the most tidy desk. (ask any of my old coworkers) I would start off so strong and then papers would pile up and cups and mugs and snack wrappers. I'd plan to bring all my cups home with me but then of course forget in just end up brining more the next day. Then inevitable I would come back from a Trade Show or a Sales Conference/Meeting with a pocket full of business cards that I would swear to myself that this time I would enter them all into the computer! (which of course I wouldn't) so those would pile up for one day when I had "downtime".

Finally, I would get so bogged down with the clutter that I would reach my threshold. I would clean off everything, throw papers away, wipe everything down, empty my keyboard (ew) and stand back and look at my masterpiece and wonder why I ever let it get so messy in the first place. There is something about a clean and tidy space. It just allows things to flow.

I came up with a system for myself that helped and even if I couldn't do it daily I made sure to do it at least weekly. That way I would come in the next week with a fresh new start!

I know it seems mundane and trust me I am deeply envious of those who just naturally come by tidiness but there is a sense of calm that is instilled when things are just picked up around your space. Also, not for nothing but there are fellow coworkers who also have to look at the mess and clutter all day so its worthwhile to bring a little mindfulness into your personal workplace and keep it tidy.

As always, one of my favorite tools to motivate me when I don't feel like doing something is setting the timer on your phone or wherever. Give yourself 5,10,15 minutes to just get as much completed in that time span as you can. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish with a few focused minutes.

If none of that is enough to entice you to pick up after yourself every now and are some gross facts I read on the internet that I had to share with you.

Gross Facts about Germs on your Desk

  • The average toilet seat is 400 times cleaner than your average work desk

  • The most common places for bacteria are your computer mouse, keyboard, and telephone

  • The average computer keyboard is home to 7500 bacteria

  • You catch some germs every time you touch your office stuff

On that note...have fun cleaning your desk. Trust me on the keyboard one!

- Rosa


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