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Leaders are NOT exempt from Stress.

Throughout my 15+yrs in the Corporate Workplace I noticed a trend. Even in our current workplace climate where Well-Being is starting to really catch on in regards to its importance...I see this trend continued.

The trend I have always noticed was the LACK of Leadership involvement when it came to Well-Being or continued learning opportunities around personal growth. Leaders were on board for their teams to participate in workshops but they themselves would opt out of participation. This is counterproductive on so many levels!

Here are a few reasons as to why Leaders should participate in Well-Being Workshops.

Leaders are NOT exempt from Stress:

In fact, it might come to a shock to hear that leaders are actually under more stress then their teams. Leaders are required to do their own work, all while managing a team of direct reports. I have said it before and I will say it again...just because you are in a position of leadership or influence does not automatically make you a good leader. Thankfully it is a skill that can be developed!

Leaders need to manage their own Stress:

Truly, its important for all people to develop techniques and tools to manage their stress. However, especially when people are put in positions of leaderships where they are now stewards of others and the emotions they bring to the workplace it is crucial that leaders can keep their own stress in check. It is NOT a sign of weakness when leaders admit their stress and can positively manage it.

Engaging in workshops alongside team:

This helps direct reports see that Well-Being is a priority to their leaders and company. It creates space for employees to feel safe to look after their own well-being instead fearing they look weak or not as resilient as others. Everyone has a different threshold and it not up to one person or another to dictate what that should or could look like. Engaging in workshops along your time shows that these opportunities to learn and develop are not beneath leadership.

Grow Together:

One of the ways to build a strong team is to build trust amongst team members and leaders. When everyone engages in Well-Being activities and show that their basic human needs can be met and seen it creates trust that the work environment is a safe place to be.

If you would like Rosa Castano to come lead a Stress Management Workshop or be a Keynote Speaker at your company or conference, please emails:


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