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April is Stress Awareness Month.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Stress Awareness Month Started in 1992?

Stress and Burnout have been around for a long time! This is nothing new. However, I feel like we are finally getting to the point where Mental Health in the workplace and Well-Being is becoming less taboo.

I truly believe that most companies care about the well-being of their employees. I have met so many charismatic and empathetic leaders of companies who want to see their employees thrive not just at work but in their personal lives too. I have talked with HR Department Heads, People Ops Teams, and L&D departments that advocate HARD for their people. To me, they are the true unsung heroes of the workforce. It is their job to look after the people on all accounts. The constantly have to play the middle man between leadership and employees. They are often put into difficult positions that require compassion and finesse and tough skin.

They have been some of my biggest champions as I work with companies and continue to help spread the word about Stress Management Workshops and how companies can benefit from workshops that allow the full person to be seen.

My goal is to never teach that Stress can be completely eradicated, that is incredibly unrealistic because Stress is all around us. Big Stressors, Little Stressors, Micro Stressors...etc

My goal is to teach people how to manage their Stress in a healthy, pracitcal and sustainable way. Its a practice that an individual much choose every day. Here is the harsh one else is going to do it for you. It is up to us as individuals to create systems that help us manage our stress and it is up to our workplace to help support and cultivate an environment that allows space for that.

No one benefits from the Burnout that Chronic Stress leads to. Not employers, colleagues, family, friends, and least of all YOU!

On Friday, April 21st at 1:00PM cst I am hosting a FREE WEBINAR on Learning Your Stress Styles. It is important to understand first how do you even respond to stress? We will dive into this 30 min session about learning Styles and Triggers!

Stay Mindful, Rosa

If you would like Rosa Castano to come lead a Stress Management Workshop or be a Keynote Speaker at your company or conference, please emails:


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